Havana Walk by OOAA Architects

One of my favourite Spanish Architects OOAA Architectura created Havana Walk. In the middle of busy Madrid, full of dynamism, the intention was to achieve a space decontextualized from the city. An oasis of calm. A refuge of silence where emptiness was the protagonist.

With limestone floors and artisanal lime walls, the studio appears like a temple where emotion must arise every day. Founder of OOAA Architectura Iker Ochotorena: “My studio are spaces that satisfy my aesthetic aspirations of recent years. It is mainly composed of two large empty volumes of great height and overhead light that rests on the work stations, and the living and meeting spaces. The weight of the void gravitates strongly and does not allow any decoration on its walls.”


OOAA Architects

OOAA is an architecture practice founded in 2011 by architect Iker Ochotorena. Today, OOAA is composed of a multidisciplinary team of professionals of the field of the architecture, the interior design, and the management, that take on residential and commercial projects throughout the world.

Each project is a search of profound substance to create a calm, protective and even healing atmosphere. OOAA creates vacuums and volumes carefully carved in noble materials, with which they achieve a silent and warm architecture, where the light rests and the persons find shelter and emotion.

We emphasise the vacuum Ochotorena says. The vacuum understood as what remains in the middle, what separates, the disengagement of the space, the gap. Unlike the minimalism, that is referred to the sum of few things.


All images courtesy OOAA Architects, with thanks