Japanese hemp textile brand majotae | Milan Design week 2024

Japanese hemp textile brand majotae showed its first product line ‘majotae 9490’ at Milan Design Week 2024. I visited their installation at Berta, an elegant nineteenth-century palace with courtyards on Via Cesare Correnti. Not only the location but also the sneak peek into the archive of the brand made me want to find out more. The location was already closed when we arrived but luckily we could still have a look.

Celebrating historic Japanese craftsmanship, a scene from a handweaving studio from centuries past is recreated in the space. Including an antique Japanese loom- a ‘Tenbin Koshi Bata’, operated by a master craftsman. Demonstrating traditional weaving methods, using majotae yarn which has been revived by modern state-of-the-art-technology.


Majotae9490 a-  range of luxury hemp bedding

Drawing upon extensive research and an archive of over 1,500 hemp artefacts, majotae is informed by the heritage of ‘taima-fu’ natural hemp cloth in Japan, where it was first introduced over 10,000 years ago.

Now, the brand employs innovative technology to modernise the traditional hemp cloth production process and present an elevated, long lasting textile, well suited for present day use. Designed in collaboration with Teruhiro Yanagihara Studio, the collection will introduce luxury bedding in a range of hues, spanning flat sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases.


All images above © Felix Speller

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