Kitchen inspiration with brass tiles and a sink by Atelier Tourain

When visiting Collectible Design Fair in Brussels I was impressed by the works of Atelier Tourain. The multidisciplinary atelier, founded by Tanguy Tourain and Julie Desmidt, grew out of the roots of their custom-made company Fo Le Fer.

With years of experience inside high-end residential and commercial projects, the duo felt the need to create things themselves with the philosophy that products should be developed according to three main pillars: Artisanal production process, pure materials and great respect for every characteristic of that material.

Handmade brass tiles and a sink in brass

At the fair their Sink in Brass caught my eye, the brass sink is inspired by a dragon’s egg. “The cracks form naturally during the casting process. It is these veins that give depth to the whole. You get the impression that the egg has been broken by these veins, forming two halves”. thus Atelier Tourain

Looking at the website I discovered a lot of furniture in brass, or with brass details and images of a beautiful brass tiled kitchen, which I really loved to show you as well.

Using an ancient and authentic technique mixed with modern insights Atelier Tourain created a 100% one of a kind product. Each of the handmade tiles develops an authentic and original texture during this production process, making each project 100% unique. The studio develops the tiles where, through the production process, so-called defects arise, which are the strength and beauty of each tile.

As usual, please visit the website for more information and inspiration: Atelier Tourain

Brass tile images ‘Cafeïne’ / Studio photo sink Wit Fotografie / last image at Collectible Design by vosgesparis