Ask Og Eng Apartment | 3 days of Design 2024

Looking back at this years 3 days of design, I really wonder how I manage to do a 7 days  Milan Design week every year! I feel kind of exhausted, and I have heard it from many other fellow visitors. Were it the many stairs, the 20K steps every day, or are over 400 exhibitions just to much for 3 days and has the festival grown a bit out of proportion? Nevertheless I really enjoyed my stay and just as with the Salone I decided to do my thing and accept I will probably have missed something here and there.

What I love most are the kind of hidden addresses, the apartments and the unexpected exhibitions. And where fashion stores open their doors and collaborate with design brands. I also missed or skipped a few places I visit every year, like Oliver Gustav, where I was too late scheduling an appointment.  I have a few favourites of this 2024 edition which I will show you in the coming days. Let’s kick off with Ask og Eng who showed their bamboo design furniture in the apartment of a friend who recently got them install their Ask Og Eng kitchen.

Ask Og Eng

Ask Og Eng is an Architecture and design studio creating interiors, kitchens and furniture all handmade in bamboo at their workshop in Norway. Founded by Kine Ask Stenersen and Kristoffer Eng who after having built several sustainable kitchens and furniture for themselves, started the studio in 2016 when coming across bamboo as material in a project working on and instantly loving the aesthetics of the bamboo and its sustainability. An impression of the Ask Og Eng kitchen and furniture in the apartment I visited during 3 days of design.

Ask Og Eng x Timeless Linen

In the Netherlands you can see the Ask Og Eng kitchen at the shop of  Timeless Linen in the Hague.  At the apartment in Copenhagen Timeless Linen bedding was used for a perfect match.

Images ©vosgesparis