Rope Incense Natural Lokta

Traditional Nepalese Lokta Rope incense, from 100% pure natural ingredients. Rope incense is a purer form of incense than other types of incense as you are directly burning the plant in powder form. Perfect to use in combination with our Black clay incense holder.

Ganesh – main Ingredient: Juniper and other natural herbs / 25 pieces


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Product information

Handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal by Stupa design.
50 pieces , length 10 cm
Colour natural yellow
Burning time approx 25 minutes
Burn your incense directly on the plate of our ‘Black clay incense holder’ or use the included clay stand.

Stupa design is a socially and environmentally conscious cottage industry. They have been manufacturing handmade incense since last two decades. Being based in the foothill of the Nagarjung forest in the Kathmandu valley, they are always inspired by their surroundings, traditions and nature.