An industrial basement with Terraformae tiles at Alcova 2024

At the basement of villa Bagatti Valsecchi Terraformæ showed a project by Sant’Anselmo furnace, dedicated to experimentation, design, and research in the field of terracotta. It was a beautiful space with an old cooker and a great fireplace. Terraformae Terraformae is born as an extension of the historic Sant’Anselmo brickworks, world-renowned for the production of […]

Connection by Serafini & Galerie Philia | Milan Design week 2024

“CONNECTION” aspire to explore and celebrate the connections existing between people, nature, technology, and craftsmanship. In collaboration with Galerie Philia, Serafini present a solo show of Andres Monnier and an installation of Morghen Studio in their new gallery in the center of Milano at Corso Porta Romana 7. Serafini is internationally well-known for its marble […]