November 2, 2012

Styling by Karin Meyn - Trust your own creativity...

Karin, creative director at Piet Boon launched her first book Piet Boon Styling by Karin Meyn last week. A book filled with amazing still life's  mood boards and pictures in different color scenes.

Karin says orderliness is one of the most important hallmarks of her style. When making still life's – orderliness on a small scale – I have always made a point of placing them on beautiful decorative bases that are specially designed by our team. These bases, and the still life's on them, have since become a signature in my projects. They are brilliant for creating tiny, fascinating worlds that speak volumes about the inhabitants. (text Karin Meyn) 

I couldn't agree more on this. I personally can be really fascinated by a certain scene, a way things are put together and the connection between them. Making little still life's and mood boards is also one of the things I like to do most in my own home as well.

With her book Karin hopes to inspire and encourage you to regard your home with a fresh perspective and to trust your own creativity. In her book you find plenty of great examples to make a personal space and get inspired.  
Order your copy here when you live in the Benelux or at Amazon  

All pictures copyright Karin Meyn


Samira said...

Dit vind ik echt heel mooi. Prachtig hoe zij 'dingetjes' verwerkt tot mooie eyecatchers. Ik heb hem meteen op mijn sinterkerst-lijstje gezet.

Ohwja ik heb een nieuwe job, bij Meijer en Floor echt een woonwinkel voor jou. Alleen maar non-colors, betonlook, PHE-behang, autobandenmanden etc. etc. Kortom, kom maar gewoon een keer naar Arnhem om het zelf te bekijken ;)

Fijn weekend Xx

Martina said...

Thanks for the inspiration! Looks really good.. maybe something to add to my Xmas wishlist! x

CWoodyard said...

Beautiful sweet and sensitive pics! Cynthia

Nathalie -worldly treasury- said...

Zag het op Piet's site al voorbij komen. Echt schitterend!!! Kan niet wachten om hem in huis te hebben.

Nicole said...

Piet Boon vind ik geweldig, maar dit ziet er ook erg goed uit!
Fijn weekend!