January 27, 2014

GIVEAWAY | Prints from Arte unlimited

For today's giveaway I'd like you to meet Arte Limited. They sent me some photographs printed on beautiful matt paper the other day and I think they perfectly fit my home! It's great to have some new prints as I always love changing things around at this time of the year.... If you are in for a change as well you might like to join this giveaway! 

Arte Limited is giving away a free Art Print of your choice. I am showing some Art prints in black and white but also if you are more into colour you will certainly find something of your choice in their huge collection.  

How to join the giveaway
If you would like to join the giveaway then surf to the Arte Limited website, make your choice. And let us know which one you would like to win for your own interior or workplace by leaving a comment in this post.

Congratulations to Mannirox from Bulgaria on winning this giveaway!


Ida Pingvino said...

Stone IV was my favorite! Just moved in, so we are missing artwork!

Rita said...

I loved 'Traffic'. Giclée Art Print by Bo Lundberg
Thanks for this giveaway :)

Eva said...

Hi, I would love to win "Fixer les vertiges" or "I still haven´t found my oasis"

Have a wonderful day

Anonymous said...

I would like to win for my girlfriends interior:

'Pets'. Giclée Kunstdruck von Mikel Nilsson

Viele Grüße Paper (paper.gras@web.de)

Anonymous said...

Wow, a lot of adorable and beautiful prints!
It would be nice to win "New Future'" by Mattias Adolfsson for "my new future" I'm expecting a baby in June :).
First I will decorate the baby room with this print.
After that it will be wonderful at the living room, our bedroom, the kitchen, etc. I love changing to :D



Silvie Zaal said...

'La Funambola'. Giclée Art Print by Sonia MariaLuce Possentini

Beautiful! ♥

KarenL said...

Nice give away! I realy like the "Monika' Giclée Art Print by Martin Nicolausson", it will fit perfectly in my workspace!

Jenny Cindy said...

Hi! Love your blog and this giveaway is great.

I'd love to win 'Muse 624'. Giclée Art Print by Conrad Roset. My appartment is still pretty black and white (which I love) and I think this print would be a subtle color touch to my living room.


emarseglia@condenast.it said...

Hi dear!
I love you blog and i love this print:


Huuuuge hug!


Unknown said...

Wow awesome collection of art. If I get picked I would love to have the "Movie Makers" print by Jonas Bergstrand as I have just moved in with my girlfriend and we really need some art for our white walls. Thanks for a great blog.
BR Frederik Hvorslev


Moon said...

Fine !! the art print called 'Gun'. by Jonas Bergstrand and the photography 'Into the Woods' by Gustavo Orenzstajn are my prefered !!

Unknown said...

Wow awesome blog. I would love to win the "Movie Makers" print by Jonas Bergstrand as I have just moved in with my girlfriend and we really need some art for our blank walls.
Thanks for a great blog.
BR Frederik Hvorslev


Silverwings said...

I think Invasion by Tommaso Carozzi is so cool. I would hang it in our livingroom. My boys would loove it!!

And I love your blog - always inspiring!

Have a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

What a great give away! Recently I was looking at their page for a print. My favourite one is the "Monika' Giclée Art Print by Martin Nicolausson".


Elze said...

What a great giveaway! I've spent the last half hour browsing through those pretty prints but "Monika" is still my favorite!

Good luck to everyone!

Studio Danale said...

Beautiful art.. would love to win
'The Black Trap in Munich I'. Giclée Art Print by Alberto Seveso

Claudia LG said...

I love this print: 'A Secret Shared'. Giclée Art Print by Jennifer Madden.
The colors are beautiful and the image is great as well. It would look lovely in my dining room.

mannierox said...

'Coffee'. Giclée Art Print by Mikel Nilsson

!!! i love it!

weisses cottage said...


Amazing this Arts Concept...i loved to win :
'Donna II'. Giclée Art Print by Daniel Egnéus


Viele Grüße, Silvi

Unknown said...

.i love the black.


Brittany said...

I love your selected black and white prints...great curated series! My favorite is the 'Mushroom kaleidoskope' by Karina Eibatova. We are currently growing our own morel mushrooms and would love this print for the kitchen!

Eva said...

I really felt in love with the art from Alberto Seveso. My favourite is "The Black Trap in Munich VI".

All fingers are crossed! :)

Aurélie B said...

hello and thank you so much for this opportunity !

Their selection is beautiful and to make a choice is hard but
'Winter No. II' by Pietari Posti (Article number: A0681)catchs my eyes.

Thanks again and gook luck everyone :)

Anne said...

I adore arte limited, such beautiful work on their website! Anything by Sonia MariaLuce Possentini would be stunning!

STUDIO 8940 - said...

I'm such a fool for sleak lines. I would definitely choose this photo. Beautiful!


Carin said...

What a treat :)

If I was the lucky one I'd choose 'Untitled IV'. Giclée Art Print by Judith van den Hoek and hang it on my 'theme wall' with fashion prints!

Madeline said...

Our tastes match up... I've looked at them all, but truly 'Monika' Giclée Art Print by Martin Nicolausson would look best in my home. I love black and white prints!

Tiene said...

Helemaal dol op 'Something's Strange' by Jennifer Madden. Metéén al! Ben nog wel 'n half uurtje zoet geweest met kijken naar de andere kunstwerkjes, er zitten pareltjes tussen!

The Smart Savvy Mama said...

I love love LOVE the 'Barcelona'. Giclée Art Print by Antonello Silverini. Julie smartsavvymama@gmail.com

Ami Schaheera said...

Moving to a new studio apartment soon, hopefully we can start decorating with a piece from Arte Limited.

Would looove to own any of these :)

'I Feel A Song Coming On' http://www.artelimited.com/artists/iker-spozio/i-feel-a-song-coming-on-giclee-art-print-by-iker-spozio.html#.Uub-u3_XeK0

'Merde' http://www.artelimited.com/artists/sac-magique/merde-giclee-art-print-by-sac-magique.html#.Uub983_XeK0

'My Hometown' http://www.artelimited.com/artists/iker-spozio/my-hometown-giclee-art-print-by-iker-spozio.html#.Uub-dn_XeK0

Oliver said...

'Muse 597'. Giclée Art Print by Conrad Roset

Anonymous said...

Cirkus was my favorite. It just spoke to me.


July M said...

Hard to choose... 'Multidimensional' by Malin Bergström - Geometric and great colours - would look great anywhere at home :-)

Johan said...

Wat een toffe site en leuke give away Desiree!

Mijn favoriet: 'Stone lII' van Martin Nicolausson, voor mijn "nieuwe" slaapkamer. Passend bij de toekomstige blauw/grijze muren, contrasteert dit kunstwerk en houd het de rest toch ook kalm.

*fingers crossed*

*Molly* said...

What a wonderful idea!
*Untitled XV* by Judith van den Hoek is my absolutly favourite - so pure and stylish - wow!
Lovely hugs and a wonderful week for you

Mars said...

Toffe giveaway! Normaal gesproken hou ik van kleur, maar nu val ik helemaal voor Movie Makers van Jonas Bergstrand

In2style Photography en Styling said...

Wat een leuke giveaway! Zwart-wit zijn bij mij favoriet maar een beetje kleur vind ik toch ook erg mooi. Ik kies daarom voor 'On My Way'. Giclée Art Print by Mette Boesgaard.

Samantha Stansbridge said...

So many to choose from but I like
'Untitled XV'. Giclée Art Print by Judith van den Hoek

Thank you.

Samantha Stansbridge said...

So many to choose from but I like
'Untitled XV'. Giclée Art Print by Judith van den Hoek

Thank you.

Tara Wilson said...

Love Sea.

Tara Wilson said...

Love to win Sea.

Tara Wilson said...

Love to win Sea.

Elisabeth from Sweden said...

I was immediately drawn to the beautiful art print 'Lei, lui' by Sonia MariaLuce Possentini. I love everything about it; the light, the atmosphere and the playful girl with the cat. It even feels like it is a part of our family story, since it makes so many nice memories from our beloved cat Nisse come alive. Unfortunately, he is not with us any longer, but when I a look at the art print, he feels very much close again.
Nisse, who was a very special and affectionate cat, always wanted to be near us, and therefore, he followed us where ever we went in our home.
When our daughter was born, he of course wanted to be near her too, but he learned quickly that he had to keep a small distance to her waving arms and fists. To get hit on his nose wasn't so nice. :)
The distance he in the beginning kept to her, got less by the time she grew older. Then he sometimes participated in the games, but he also liked to just be close to her, watching her playing. And that's why this art print would be so special for us. It would be so wonderful to put it up above our sofa in our living room, which is the central place in our home, since it would remind us of the lovely time we had with Nisse.

ursula eam said...

Untitledl xx -ursula.

Lisa Sch said...

I love the 'Red Umbrella'. Giclée Art Print by Antonello Silverini.
xo, Lisa

Natalie said...

The Runaways'. Giclée Art Print by Adam Oehlers - perfectly fits my fiance and I's plans for June 22

Laurence said...

I've been hoping to buy 1 or 2 art prints from them for a while, great giveaway! I love Stone V by Martin Nicolausson.

Anonymous said...

Monika gets my vote - I've seen this print in a few interiors and it always looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

My wife thinks that the "Monika Giclée art print" by Martin Nicolausson would perfectly fit in our living room. So please make me have her a surprise!


Anonymous said...

Well, I've been browsing through Arte Limited website for the last couple of days, changing my mind by the hour. Though I tend to come back to Mikel Nilsson's work, which really "speaks to me". Is it all the black and white punctuated by just a hint of the right colours? the slightly "dark" themes? the mesh backgrounds that are so perfectly inperfect? I don't know... I guess all of the above. But this is as much as I can go, since I cannot decide between the "coffee", the "leaking light" and the "wreckless" prints. "Coffee" is a great portrait and I'm always drawn to these, I like "Leaking Light" because the image is not so symmetrical and then "wreckless" is oh so beautiful in its symmetry and the wonderful pale pink and yellow squares that lighten up the dark mood of the picture.
I would hang any of the three on the little gallery wall I slowly create in the living room. I believe that all three can work really well with other prints, typographical or graphic or even smaller handmade ink drawings, but could also look really nice hang alone on the wall above a minimal workspace or even in a kid's room.
So if I would have to conclude I would say I wish to win "Wreckless", although I may already have changed my mind by the time I hit the "publish your comment" button.

Maria K.

Natalia Yurevich said...

What a fantastic give away!
I am about to move into a new place together with my 4-year old son, looking for the ways to make this place as welcoming and warm for us as possible.
Loads of awesome pictures! :)

I especially loved
ANTONELLO SILVERINI » 'Barcelona'. Giclée Art Print by Antonello Silverini

'Untitled'. Giclée Art Print by Philippos Theodorides

'Something's Strange'. Giclée Art Print by Jennifer Madden

Thanks so much for organising!

Vivian said...

****MONIKA by Martin Nicolausson****
Wat een fijne give away! En wat een keuze... Mijn trein-tripje naar Düsseldorf gaf me mooi de gelegenheid door de 41 pagina's aan prints te gaan.. Prachtige exemplaren zitten erbij; Museum (swarming spaces), Black Feather, Everything is possible en de bijzondere prints van Jennifer Madden!
Maar eigenlijk wist ik het stiekem al toen ik er doorheen ging, want de diamant print MONIKA is me op het lijf geschreven.. We gaan namelijk trouwen 7 Juni!!! En dat in combinatie met de witte wanden in ons net verbouwde schoolgebouw in Amsterdam en Anouk B + Marjon die binnenkort langskomen voor fotografie, maakt dat deze print heel welkom is! We zijn afgelopen jaar voor de wet getrouwd waar we al prachtige(zwart/wit) foto's van hebben en we hebben de champagnekurken en schetsen van mijn verlovingsring bewaard.. Ik denk dat dit alles prachtig om de Diamant heen hangt!!
Fingers crossed! Vivian

Karin K said...

I would like the 'Monika'. Giclée Art Print by Martin Nicolausson, have had it on my wishlist for a while now.

ne-knopka said...

i like the 'Housetree'. Giclée Art Print by Mattias Adolfsson



NORA said...

Stone IV was my favorite among many:) Great page:)

Anonymous said...

I love"Monika Giclée art print" by Martin Nicolausson

Elena Gardin said...

Arte Limited have some great prints that have been on my wish list for a long time now: I like to surf their web for the many different possibilities they offer. "Monika" is at the very top together with the photograph Filip Herbst that hang beautifully against the black wall at your place. I'm planning to paint in a darker tone one of the walls in the hall but I has hold back as it is a very dark spot: I wanted something with a "touch of light" and couldn't find what. This photograph will be surely perfect for it. So, fingers crossed! :)

louly said...

Too many I like... 'Donna I'. Giclée Art Print by Daniel Egnéus

Kellyn Garrison said...

I would choose the 'Bornholm 09'. Giclée Art Print by Mads Berg. A gorgeous design!