flowers – Fifi – flowers

Beside the bottle of wine for diner, we Dutch like to give some flowers or plants when we go and visit family or friends. In spring there are lots of plants for the garden or balcony to choose from, but most come in boring little plastic pots and aren’t really exciting to give, so why […]

Harmoni og kontrast

Image © Castle Gibson A while ago I found a comment on one of my posts with a name I did not recognized, so I went to see who was behind it.. I came in the middle of a wonderful post about ‘Castle Gibson’ (locations and furniture) I loved the pictures and I also loved […]

A sparkle in the bedroom

When renovating my bedroom last summer there were a few things I wanted to achieve in this room…..It had to have a white and serene athmosphere whitout being to shabby and most of all there had to be a little sparkle. I love the few touches of mercury glass decoration, the stones and the Moroccan […]

A flee market find and a power cord

Finding the right spot at the flee market is great but most of the time I think the power cords of these kind of finds are a bit old and dirty. So when I found this little aluminium spot from some photographer I thought this would be a good opportunity to finally use that power […]


Noooo I am not having the monday morning blues… But I am sooo in love with the color of these chairs that I had to show them.They remind me of summer and long walks on sunny beaches….. sand and wind. I recently discovered some of you are surprised to see some color in my pictures […]