My living room and IKEA LIVE ….

During the last years my living room has been a playground.. a playground for my creativity and impulsive changes .. It has had many changes, from walls with wallpaper in black, grey and silver, dark furniture and shelves filled with books… to white walls with little grey painted tables, decorated with French mirrors and shutters. […]


These are some pictures of the new TineK Autumn collection. I love the way the items are presented and the ‘autumn feeling’ is captured in these pictures! A really stunning location … and ain’t that cabinet just one of the bests you have seen in a long time… enjoy! Een aantal foto’s van de nieuwe […]

A locker in the bedroom

As promised some pictures from the Annual exhibition for indoor and outdoor living this month in Amsterdam. One of the highlights for me are the individual houses of the interior magazines. Like I said last year, it is great to wander around inside your favorite magazine. This year I felt really at home in the […]

Therese Sennerholt Design

A while ago I came across the website of Therese Sennerholt, a Swedish art-director who mainly works with advertising. Recently, as a side hobby, she started to produce graphic prints with new and old quotations, found or self made up. Not only do I love graphic prints but I also love the little sense of […]

The master plan

Pimped chair in my studio Surfing the web, reading your blogs and being ‘addicted’ to interior magazines there are lot of ideas for my own home spinning around in my head all the time. Some images you forget again but some you always remember and love to bits… I am pretty sure that all these […]

Raw and simple

If you ever read my welcome message.. or visited me before you might know that the thing I like most is a pure and simple home. I adore bright white walls as you see in Mediterranean houses and have a weakness for concrete, industrial furniture and some raw elements in my house like the rail […]

A new sign in the hallway

This really big sign made out of black glass, with the name of the owner and company written in thick white letters, was brought to me some days ago. A really great present from my friend Myrna. A happy but also sad moment as it was a farewell present. She and her family recently emigrated […]

In the picture

After being so much in the picture this last week, both by the IKEA Family Live team and you lovely blog readers here and on Facebook I am slowly getting back to normal… I have still lots of blogs to read and many mails to answer so if you wonder why I am not visiting […]