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November 8, 2010

Moodboards and bedrooms

Karine of Bodie and Fou* wrote me a note, to pop over to come and see her 'master plan' - I love it when people read your blog and think about a post you made when writing their own ! -

And Yes!! As she thought I would, I really liked the mood board she made for their bedroom ... I liked it so much that I borrowed some of the pictures from her blog and posted them here for you ... It has the colors I love... Pale grays, graphics (from Theresea Sennerholt) , beautiful textures and I love that ceramic lighting ... For more pictures and to read how the mood board was made please go to Bodie and Fou*

Images: (C) Bodie and Fou

Mood boards.....

I think mood boards are a great help to keep you focused on the look you choose for your room... The ideas for my own bedroom came from a picture I saw in a magazine .. I used it as the starting point for the colors and atmosphere I wanted.... I am not sure if I ever showed you my own little mood board but here it is...

Mood board.. and my bedroom below