Old tables and white chalk paint

While reading Christina’s post a Greige about a picture she keep seeing and saving, I had to think of the picture above. It is in my inspiration folder for some time and every time I see it, I keep looking at the details. The light in the picture, the old wall and the sanded table… I love it.

At home in my kitchen I have smaller but similar table… It was the first ever piece of furniture I bought when I was 19 It comes from a friend of my brother who had a little antique store in ‘Het Spiegelkwartier’ , Amsterdams most famous Antique district. I wrote about his little store two years ago .. you can read it here

paper candle holders boughy @ Merci in Paris

My own kitchen table

Maybe I love the first picture so much because it reminds me of my own table. Although it was banned to the storage for some years I always treasured the table. And after leaving it in the original state for years I sanded the wooden top and painted the legs and drawer with white chalk paint. I still am looking for the perfect way to make the top lok even more bleached.

picture nr 1 by ApartmentTherapy
All other pictures by me