Part 2……. Best of VT Wonen magazine


With Part 2 – Best of VT Wonen magazine 2010, we are following up my last post of 2010 Thank you so much for all your wishes and thanks for being here again in the new year!

VT Wonen has it own ‘Home’ collection with different products such as furniture, candles, lights, bedding, recently floors… and so on. Many of those can be seen in the regular magazine as they are used in articles as ‘stylist in the house’ and other presentations.

This last year VT Wonen added a MagaLogue with some of the issues… a catalog presenting the VT Wonen home collection in a magazine kind of way. You can see the whole collection in the shop & buy section of the site  And click here to have a look through the MagaLogue!

July… brought some wonderful Summer Houses from Denmark, via the south of France .. down under to Australia…Beautiful white in Denmark. A bit shabby in France but definitely with some French elegance and stone walls I loved…. and how about that big kitchen in Australia…..
The cover made you wanna go out and have a picnic or run to the shop and get that Moroccan  serve tray and the white ceramic bowls.
August had a colourful cover and happened to be a very colourful issue Durf! as in  Dare! ….  an article about adding letters and words to your walls. *You don’t have to be a Writer to do so* it said. 
Also an ode to Linen…. Linen always make me feel being in France and thinking of big tables and beautiful colored table clothes touching the floors….. just like the styling in the article.

Click here to for the 1st part (januari-June) Part 3 and Part 4

………… Next time my favorite issue of the year. Black & White in September!

All pictures used are (c) VT Wonen magazine
  4th picture  (c) vosges paris