DIY Chandelier

Two years ago I was about to paint a chandelier on my wall with some red chalk, I found out it was very easy to design something on concrete and wash it away after wards.  I thought it would look cool for Christmas but  ended up with a metal one with white candles in it, found at the flee market.

This last year september issue of VT Wonen had an Ode to Black and showed how to make an original wall with a DIY Chandelier. 

I think this idea from VT Wonen is definitely worth to be copied once ore twice by me….. and maybe…. by you as well! 

Also from VT wonen the last two remaining months of 2010. The November issue came with an extra publicity folder with the same cover. Extra layers gave you the chance to play with different walls,  sofa’s and floors… to create your own combination’s.  The theme was Relax & Lounge… with the different Kivik IKEA sofa’s and a bed and breakfast in Antwerp in black and white.

December was colorful as a party… it inspired me to collect all kind of different trees for my Alternative Christmas trees post from last month. Hope you enjoyed these little collections of my favorite moments places and houses. I sure had fun making them! 

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