March 13, 2011

Little black books

One can never have enough little notebooks... I love the little pile of agenda's and notebooks on my desk. And especially love -apparently we Dutch all do- the little black Moleskine books. I have several moleskine notebooks and planners and the thing I like most about them is that they all come with an elastic band so you can stuff lots of cards, notes and pictures in between them.

There are some special notebooks for the main city's too.... I have one from Paris where I write places or shops I want to visit in. The little brown books I bought in Paris at the Muji store the little one has such a great shape and hundreds of little pages.

And do you remember my Whats that in your studio post with those graphic cards from Therese Sennerholt. There now is a new set of 3 notebooks available in the webshop / Op de foto boven de nieuwe set van 3 notebooks van Therese Sennerholt.

And if you are looking for something really different and handmade you should have a look at the work of my friend and Praha based artist Kucin! His work was recently mentioned in the Financial times and he makes unique pieces of diary's, sketchbooks, photobooks and lots of different notebooks.... read his blog and visit his site at / Voor unieke handgemaakte notebookes en agenda's bezoek je de site van mijn vriend en in Praag wonende artiest Kucin!

Ik ben gek op dat stapeltje kleine zwarte boekjes en agenda's op mijn bureau. Vooral  de kleine zwarte Moleskine boekjes heb ik in allerlei soorten en maten. Het elastieken bandje om de agenda's vind ik geweldig, je kunt er van alles tussen proppen en in bewaren. Er zijn ook verschillende notebooks van de grote steden... Ik heb er een van Parijs en schrijf er adressen in van dingen die ik wil bezoeken of niet wil vergeten.  De bruine boekjes op onderstaande foto kocht ik in Parijs in de Muji store, 


satsuki said...

i have a collection of small notebooks too! love collecting them, writing in them, even handbinding + making my own~ i agree that one can never have enough!

Elsa said...

Notebooks are also my "passion", and I do have a similar Paris notebook with adresses and must-go-places.

Have a nice Sunday!


Lau de Casalil said...

Akthough I guess my husband had been Ducth in an ancient life...!!! MOleskine is everywhere at Casalil, as well as huge drawings note books...I love them all!!

Just White said...

I guess that because I love your blog, would be many things that I will agree with you!! NOTEBOOKS!!! A WEAKNESS for me and for my husband too!! So imagine how many notebooks around in the house! ...When they have the cord to wrap around them is even better, I put everything on them...I could go forever talking about them but would be boring so...Have a good sunday!!

Marieke Reintjes said...

Jááá erg leuk die boekjes, binnenkort onze computerkast re-stylen, daar zouden ze ook erg leuk in staan!!
Groetjes Marieke

Annaleenas hem said...

You show now two of my favorites,
Muji and Therese S.

Lovely pics Desiree!!

It's me said...

Wat een leuke boekjes...nog nooit van gehoord......ik kom ook niet verder dan de bloemetjes !!...jij bent echt een vrouw van de wereld !!..kan gelukkig net herkennen wie er voor de deur staat hier!! ....hahahahahahah!! liefs van mij......fijne

It's me said...

Wat een leuke boekjes...nog nooit van gehoord......ik kom ook niet verder dan de bloemetjes !!...jij bent echt een vrouw van de wereld !!..kan gelukkig net herkennen wie er voor de deur staat hier!! ....hahahahahahah!! liefs van mij......fijne

Jacqueline said...

Hi Desiree,
I love them all. I am particularly partial to leather journals and often buy them as presents. Very good for men who are hard to buy for.
Sorry that I haven't been around for a while.....I am having terrible trouble with my computer AND Blogger. Hope to be back on track soon. Much love. XXXX

Lynda said...

boekjes, boekjes boekjes...heb er meer dan ik vul....ze zijn ZO leuk!!!
Muji shop....even neuzen!!;)


Aurélie said...

Coucou !
Quel ordre, ça me fait rêver ...
Bisous et bon dimanche

Nathalie said...

He een mede notebookjes verslaafde, leuk! Ik heb er echt heel erg veel uit alle windstreken ter wereld. Ze liggen als eye candy objecten door het hele huis en ik heb er standaard 1 in mijn tas voor alle leuke adresjes, inspiratie etc die ik onderweg op doe voor mijn blog etc.

Jeanette said...

Een tijdje geen reactie bij je achtergelaten, kijk altijd wel even hoor als je iets nieuws plaatst maar het reageren blijft er vaak bij. Ik vind ze super handig die noteboekjes, hier in huis liggen er ook een paar, zomaar even voor een boodschap of een leuke site die ik wil onthouden of een plaatje of tekst wat ik bewaren wil..noem maar op ze komen altijd van pas!

Fijne week!
Groet van Jeanette

Karin said...

De kiefde voor de zwarte Moleskine ken ik. Idd die elastiek die doet 't 'm :)

MANDY said...

I bought a heap of those little note books last time I was in Paris, unfortunately we don't have Muji here in Australia.

keiko said...

my dearest blog-pal, desiree,

what a beautiful post (as always)! as i have worked on muji magazine for a couple times, i am happy to see you featuring muji stuff.

by the way, thank you so very much for your warmest and kindest words left on my recent blog posts. indeed, we japanese are struggling to avert getting worse of our worst calamity. the monsterous quake and tsunami hit the east-north japan. i now live in the west, while my children are in tokyo but were safe. people up there are still in a chaotic state, though.

oh, i wanted to tell you that you appeared in our japanese ikea family magazine. you look so great!

with love,


Kari said...

tjonge je lijkt wel een wereldreiziger,
mooi hoor zo weer !!
dikke knuf Kari

Nicole said...

Prachtig die boekjes Dees! Ik weet alleen zelf nooit wat ik erin moet schrijven...ha ha
Lieve groetjes,

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I love all stationery, period!! I've always adored going into shop that sell little bits and pieces and buying a few pens, or some lovely paper. It feels like a real treat, just for me!...although inevitably I end up sharing them with my children!!


Wendy said...

i love your triple lampshades and love your travel notebooks! ah, to travel more! I instantly want to start a collection for myself - lovely!

Jadyn @ Dutch.British.Love said...

Wat een mooie boekjes! Ik hou ook erg van moleskines...En zoals gewoonlijk, erg mooie fotografie! xxx-jes

Tine. said...

ik zag net jouw comment op mijn blog, maar wat heb jij ook een heerlijk blog! en gaaf allemaal said...

my favorites,Muji and Therese S.Nice collection!!!!

Feng Shui By FIshgirl said...

I just bought a really great little notebook in Florence to add to my collection. I use them for dream journals, for jotting ideas down, for writing information that I might otherwise forget wherever and whenever inspiration hits. I love the feel of paper to write on even though I use kindle to read and have blogs online that I write. I hope paper notebooks never disappear!

LENE said...

Dear Desiree
I love notebooks and collect them. Saves them from year to year.
I have received two awards from Charlotta in Sidney, which I would like to pass on to you. Hope you will accept them.
You can find them at this address:
Have a nice evening

Peeling Walls said...

I feel as though we're kindred spirits! Love your love of notebooks and everything else you post. Looking forward to following yours blog!