A canal house photo location

I recently came across this Victorian house….  It is nearly stripped down to be transformed in a new and clean apartment. Photographers and stylists love to use this kind of locations for a photo shoot and I love to see advertisements with furniture, some beautiful fabrics or fashion photographed in a house like this. Looking at the pictures I had to think of some photos I made about two years ago in a canal house down town.
Dutch houses used to have small corridors and the staircases in many of the old (canal) houses downtown makes many first time visitors wonder if their feet will fit on the steps of the staircase and how they can come down again from such a small and straight staircase without hitting their head.

The building itself, build in 1690, is an old warehouse and the place was rather spooky… Not because it was build on an old cemetery from the middle ages but because in the basement it was dark and dirty and there were even some dead pigeons stuck between the windows and a wall. I did love the windows at the back, the colors of the floorboards and the cleaned walls on the floor where I made the pictures. And how about that beautiful gray of the doors…..  It could easily be a great location for a photo shoot don’t you think?

Picture 1 + 2 source unknown
All other pictures by me