Behind the scenes with IKEA Family Live

Reflections on an IKEA Family Live shoot
Previously posted on the IKEA Famly Live Website on April 20 2011


If the IKEA Family Live team should ever take over your house for two whole days, like it did with mine, be prepared to enjoy every minute of it. It is not everyday you get to see how a great magazine team works.
Before they arrived, all I could think was that the team would walk in and say ‘Is this it?!’ But it was nothing like that at all. They walked in, looked around and told me that this was their dream location to shoot because the little corners and all the objects I’ve collected that are dotted around the house.
When the team arrived, there was no time for tea or coffee (yet) – everyone went straight to work! I’m used to having so many people around the house and it made me feel really comfortable seeing everyone doing their own thing.
A friend who came over talking with Huma
Meanwhile, Huma (who wrote the story) and I talked for hours  – we kept talking and talking, even when we had to go to the hospital because I cut my hand! Huma could write a book about me by now. But she promised me she wouldn’t!
Stylist Sam moving things for the shoot
The whole thing was a lovely experience. I loved watching the team set up each scene for the photos. Yes, they made some little changes here and there to create an interesting angle and fit everything they wanted to show in the shots, but it was definitely still my home. By the second day, I was so comfortable, that even posing for pictures didn’t feel so strange. Everyone was so encouraging, patient and lovely towards me!I really enjoyed talking with Jake Curtis, the photographer. He was the one shooting my home, loved that as I happened to have collected some of his work.

A great few day, I was left with lots of things to think about and feeling very inspired. Thanks to the IKEA Family Live magazine team for allowing me to have such a great experience. If it wasn’t for the fact that they ate most of my cookies, I would almost say I miss them 😉

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