Living the Industrial Loft Life {in a city apartement}

Of course it would be great to really have a space like this to live in…. but one can always dream right! Looking at this loft apartment in Barcelona, it is the open plan living that attracts me…. I love see-through’s.

When I open the front door of my own small apartment I see a long corridor with at the end the living room. I love the fact I can look all the way through the long hall and the living where at the end the light comes in through a big window…. it is one of the things I love most about my home. Secondly I like the raw materials of this loft, concrete, stone and great ceilings.

But most of all I love the atmosphere of this place and the way people seem to live in this home. It looks like everything is allowed in here .. bring your motor in ..park your bike in the hallway, sit on a garden chair… and have a sit on the big inviting couch. it’s all so laid back  but yet taken care off.

Maybe this place attracts me because I am a pretty laid back person myself. I do not fuss to much about things. And to be honest I love a bit of chaos and mess when I am working on a project at home. The other day I was talking with my daughter about how people live in their homes. And she told me how she loved the fact that they could always bring their bikes in.

As a matter of fact I love it when they bring in their pretty fixed-gear bikes and park them against the concrete walls….. It’s like they bring in a new piece of art each time. Bikes with ever changing wheels and colored frames. One time sparkling and pink. Or like the one on the picture, being my favorite, black, with a saddle and handles with velvet leopard print. And an integrated handlebar and basket by Copenhagen Design…..It’s a bit like living the Industrial loft life at 80 square meters

Integrated handlebar and basket by Copenhagen design via Pristine – Fixed gear

Picture 1-3 Photography: Núria Vila Stylist: Mar Requena  
Picture 4-5 © Vosgesparis