New bedroom – coat rack project | Inspired by Paris

It has been a while since my last post, I was really busy with a big kitchen renovation. It still isn’t finished, but I thought it was time to finally show you what I did with all the inspiration I came back with from Paris 😉

As I told in my previous post we did a lot of shopping, mostly as in looking around in beautiful shops and wandering through le Marais ad other quartiers. I saw some really beautiful shop interiors that inspired me to change things around in the house. These pictures are made in my bedroom.

Here in front of this wall there was first standing an old wooden, white painted, chest (you can see it here). But it has made room for a stylish black metal rack to store some of my clothes. I designed it myself and had it made by a blacksmith and then painted it black. On the wall behind I made a moodboard with pictures I shot in Paris.

The little industrial cabinet, was used as a nightstand before 

Some details….

I loved to design this and the idea to have something handmade by a craftsman and especially made for me makes it a really special addition to my bedroom. Of course no big plastic or wooden hangers on here but only small and delicate ones.

The lamp from Merci…
This lamp has seen many rooms in the house…
but I think it finally got its definitive destination …

Parisian moodboard

A sweet little moodboard in mostly soft grays that gives a little Paris chic feeling to the room with some pictures I made in Parisian shops.

Some words cut out of a magazine I found in a shop.. It had all kind of quotes and messages in it…  and I loved these… Paris c’est un lieu de… it makes you think and use your imagination. {grayish masking tape from Merci}

I thought there should have been some shiny skulls on the wall as well, as I did not had any I cut out a page from a watches catalog, it works for me !