Travelling to Paris + getting inspiration

As a blogger and stylist of my own home I learned to keep my eyes and ears open for every little detail that comes my way. If you blog for some years it almost comes as a second nature. Inspiration and new ideas for your home or blog can be found on every corner.

Last month I was in Paris, capitol of fashion and all things beautiful. For someone like me a great opportunity to find new ideas for my home. I made lots of pictures and absorbed every little detail. And being on the road with people who share the same passion and, like myself, can see beauty in almost anything a great way to exchange ideas for future projects.

A sneak peek of my new bedroom project inspired by Paris

During my time in Paris, beside having lots of coffee, croissants and cozy lunches  I have seen a large amount of shops. I think shops interiors can be a great inspiration for your home. In Paris I noticed a few things coming back in many of them. I saw skulls. Lots of skulls, both on clothes and in accessories.

Then there were stars and elbow patches… I found a sweet little grey jumper on a market at Place de Marché Saint Honoré .. Imagine even the market had some stylish signs saying ‘new collection’ It has a star on the back and elbow patches on the sleeves. Very adorable and I brought it home as a present.

Something I also really loved was the use of pictures. Pictures that reinforced the concept of the store. And pictures in B&W with French movie stars and models that gave me that real  I am in Paris feeling I so love. But what made my heart beat faster …. were the moodboards, as in a collage of pictures glued directly on the walls and windows. Or perfectly ordered in little frames.

Now I don’t have to tell you, making mood boards as in little collages on my walls are my latest addiction! In my hallway I have filled a wall with graphic prints and family pictures in black and white. I taped them on the wall with aqua blue masking tape to give it a summer feeling….As I am in the middle of a kithen make-over I had to take it off.. but here it is for the last time

Inspired by Paris I will make some new corners to store my clothes. I have different ideas and still having summer holidays I even had the time to actually realize the first one already, pictures coming soon…

Traveling to a city like Paris can have a great impact on you and how you see your home (if you open your heart and mind for everything you see) And don’t you just love the fact to see ideas actually come to life!

These weeks are all about realizing ideas and working on the big master plan and this time for real...  you can see some pictures of the progress on my Facebook page here