A Punkrock interior with a decadent attitude

My heart made a little jump this last Saturday when my Dutch interior magazine  came in the mail and I flipped through the pages. I saw a little part of a kitchen with a concrete floor and a heavy metal table and I instantly recognized it as the home where the picture is made that I have been loving for years!

I was really happy to finally read the story behind it and to find out more about the house and its habitats. The home, a former brewery, of Swedish architect and interior designer Johan Israelson and his family is situated in the countryside of Gotland but has a real urban feeling.

Johan is a former musician and describes his style as Punkrock with a touch of decadence I totally love this style and I recognize myself in many of his ideas. He translates a Gucci black flagship store feeling… into a home where he combines, black and heavy metal with crispy white and soft grey concrete walls. He is not crazy about color but love ‘blackish colors ‘ like olive green and midnight blue and is obsessed with deep purple.

I only ever saw a few pictures of this home… The one above was a, to me, unknown picture of the kitchen and the hallway with coat hooks of steel on a concrete wall covered in a crispy white frame. I loved to see the same idea in this home as I have in mine and more of the home I fell in love with long ago.

Where most people add warmth to a home with fabric and curtains Johan likes to let the light in and gives the home a cozy feeling with sheepskins and a big wood stove.
Great contrast with this dark wooden wall with artwork from Jesper Zacco