Blackboard walls + cool workspaces

Photo via Gispen huiswerk

Wish I had a clean desk like the one above to work on, but the reality is that my studio desk has become  a temporary kitchen table, a cool industrial, but very small kitchen table!! For dinner we have to place the plates in an alternately kinda way because it is so small! With only the floor to finish, my new kitchen is nearly there and it will do till I meet the table of my dreams… or feel like doing some DIY again and make one myself.

Guess many of us have a little notebook… a blackboard.. a wall filled with images and articles. Or like me at the moment, because of all the moving around in the house, a big pile! A pile of inspirational books, pictures I made, articles and things from the ‘
Woonbeurs‘ I still want to show you.

These pictures are from 
Gispen Huiswerk {Gispen working at home} Gispen Huiswerk is created around the new way of working. With ergonomic workstations and a site with information about all aspects of creating a flexible workplace. I loved their stand with the huge blackboard wall and the cool work spaces.  

Photo via Gispen huiswerkd caption
Photo via Gispen huiswerk