Kitchen renovation + Black & White

A little update on my kitchen renovation in case you are wondering what is happening with my Masterplan {The masterplan} and what I did with all the ideas {Kitchen Inspiration} and gorgeous kitchen pictures I showed you.

Seeing it took about 5 weeks before the new walls were even dry {thank you for this lovely summer… not!} and I got the great {??} idea, on the way, to renew all the remaining walls in my home as well. I think I am not doing that bad at all… And being back at my regular day job there is just little time to do all the things that need to be done.

So in the weekends I play around {Playing with paper and tape} and really start to know and love this new kitchen space with it bright white walls and concrete floor that tells the story of all the years we lived here as a family.

I love the stripe that shows where the floors were glued to the concrete and where my son tiled with his heavy chair and a create two little holes in the floor..  It might not be the perfect floor in other peoples eyes but it is to me.

Last week I painted the wall in a beautiful Soft Black and ordered some shiny appliances. Today off to my Swedish friends to buy some new curtains… in Black and back home I started to move some furniture around. Things are slowly getting shape…  To be continued….

Lets hope to be ready before winter 🙂