Playing with paper and tape {kitchen renovation}

The last weekend of my summer holidays has arrived… And I am looking back at some great and very productive weeks. First there was Paris with lots of inspiration and good company. And I had a few days at the beach doing nothing but enjoying the sun as well.

The last three weeks have been really busy and I have been working really hard on putting ideas into action… I made that cute Parisian corner in my bedroom and meanwhile I stripped of all the remaining wallpaper in my home and started working on my kitchen plans. A big wall, and a small one, came down. Doorposts disappeared and slowly the ‘loft look’ I always imagined manifested itself.

I am still working very hard on it but it is great to see that in less then three weeks from the start I now can make plans on finishing things.Of course a bit of daydreaming is part of the fun, playing with paper (to imagine how that lamp of my dreams would look more or less) and tape (outlining the size of a table on the floor) Putting some art against the walls and creating little corners with touches of color. It is all part of getting to know my new kitchen before making major decisions on how to finish it. And great to getting towards the realization of my masterplan