There is no future without a past

Tonight I took some time to surf around and read lots of blogs from my reader-list, leaving comments takes a lot of time and I do try to always leave a note but sometimes I got distracted by a beautiful picture or a link you give…  So as tonight.. I saw this picture above of the workplace and a link to an interview with fashion designer Antonio Marras.

It must have been the name that caught my attention , because I recognized it as being a Sardinian name. A name I have seen hundreds of times on signs or on the walls while spending over 25 long summers at my mother in laws place where she had a house in a little village nearby the sea, that could look like this. If you read my blog for some years you may know we went there every summer and I love this beautiful Island with all its traditions, where I have so many memories.

Antonio Marras was born in Alghero and the inspiration for his eponymous label is drawn from travels, tradition, history and memories… Unlike others who work in Paris or Milan he prefers to stay on the Island and work from there. If I look at the pictures of his collections or at this videoclip  {look under ADV} I can’t help to see images of Sardinian women in traditional customs, I even spent some time looking at pictures {being distracted again} and collecting some of them… I guess I got carried away a bit that ended up in this strange post.. a post that supposed to be about his workplace… There is no future without a past says Antonio in the interview … I think he is right!
Update: When being in Milano in april 2012 I visited his atelier and shop An amazing place where I bought the book with pictures of this collection I love it so much <3