Stars for Christmas once more #1

 *Concrete lamp Nordic Blends * Stars from HEMA * white bag from MERCI *

My home changed a lot over the last 4 months … some great {and exciting} things happened after my last kitchen update. That I finally will be able to show you more off in about a day or ten..

Meanwhile I took out the Christmas decoration. I think we got some, like all families, in all sizes and colors. From my own childhood I remember my mother always dressing up the tree in silver and loving the silver bells and birds. My own children loved to go to the Christmas fair and choose some decoration of their own. We bought them little trees they could have in their own room. Over the years my Christmas decoration became less and also less traditional.

I loved my last years tree{So this is Christmas}that I made out of card board, painted white and decorated with stars You could say I love stars and I was happy to find these, by the way beautiful packed, Return to sender ones at our local HEMA department store. So once again a starry B&W Christmas for me I suppose…

Wooden Christmas tree from Wonen met Lef looking great against the black wall