An industrial look bedroom {IKEA LIVE blog}

Totally forgot to mention my last weeks blog for IKEA LIVE …  where I write about how the new grey floors also changed the look of my bedroom and where I also show some previous looks from the last years.It is really strange to see how my taste of decorating changed towards the Masterplan) — Talking about the masterplan {I promise you this will be the last time} I thought it was really cool when I met one of my blog readers last week and she told me that reading my thoughts and ideas about having a masterplan she thought it was a really good idea to make one for herself too 😉 —

Since the picture above, taken about 2 weeks ago, my room had a little change again. As I missed the white floors a bit, I bought a white carpet at the Pol’s Potten sale to put next to my bed. I will try to make some more pictures of the room again soon. For now you might like to read my blog at IKEA LIVE what the lovely people at LIVE called An industrial look bedroom

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