Minimalistic + Glam

Photo Nina Broberg / IKEA Livet Hemma 

I am not really a lover of golden objects at home but there are some things I often look at such as the ‘golden’ cutlery at Zara-home. It often makes me wonder if it would look any good with black. So when I got the pictures of the matte black (is there anything more beautiful then matte black!) bowls Angenäm from IKEA Livet Hemma in my mailbox. It more or less proofed that what I thought would look good, actually is looking very nice.  

Photo Nina Broberg / IKEA Livet Hemma

Also really loved the solution for small places where you might want to combine the dining area in a small kitchen with a good
workplace. A small area can be maximized if the office is permitted to
flow together with the kitchen. 

Add a classic office lamp like on this picture. Or as I have chosen for my own kitchen, where I love to work as well, a huge industrial lamp. Tin cans as pen
holders and a dining table that doubles as a desk. I actually like the idea of using tins in the kitchen…. I think it is a cheap and easy way to add some color, I often keep the big oil cans with their nice images as decoration for some time. 

food stylist Elin Åström 

For you Swedish here (love to hear if there are some here today ) a picture from “IKEA Livet Hemma” with some delicious pastries with whipped cream, almond paste and icing sugar on top. They are called “Semlor” and the Swedish eat them to celebrate the beginning of the fasting period. Enjoy!