Make your own bedhead –
| with a stencil for download from VT Wonen

masking tape via Bodie and Fou + Vlieger Amsterdam
If you ask me, masking tape and paint are the best things to make a little statement in your home with. And even without to much effort. I play around with tape almost everywhere in my home and I enjoy finding ‘new’ ways to use it or using old styling tricks to make a quick or short change to a room. 

It also gives me the chance to see if I can live with a certain color…. When I still had the concrete floors in my kitchen and hallway I thought about painting a neon pink doormat. And as I was still thinking about this color and how it would look I used it around the star in the kitchen.   

moa og kaffekoppen

More neon pink…
My last years posts about the VT Wonen home at the Woonbeurs {Dutch annual exhibition for indoor and outdoor living in Amsterdam} is still a popular post and I often got questions about the neon pink bedhead in the picture above. Seeing we are giving away a neon pink industrial stool by kitchen trend this week  I thought it was a nice occasion to tell you about one of the styling tools at the VT Wonen website.

via vt wonen

For those who like to make their own bed head like this there now is a  stencil with the fluor shape on the VT Wonen side for download. You can easily paint it on the wall, or like done here, where they used a milling cutter to make the shape in a simple wooden board and paint the cut-out with fluorescent pink paint.