New white kitchen table {blogging in white}

I am closing this ‘blogging in white week’ with some pictures from my own home. I have no kitchen table. Although there is only one person who really noticed I guess. I added the long table from my studio in the kitchen when finished. Something as in solving one problem and creating one in another room, because what is a studio without a table to work on!

Of course there was this old table with white painted legs and a wooden bleached table top. But it is getting really old now and it is way to small for this big kitchen. So I was really happy to put my hands on an army table. 

Last week I painted it white and I love it! Guess I also really loved to be painting again 😉 I would love to have another one to make a really long, or square, table. But for the moment I am happy with the result! This weekend I will paint some more small things…. that I will show as soon as finished 😉