Ay Illuminate … goes Italy

Lamp designed by Nelson Sepulveda – Big round cushions by Ay Lin Heinen

When I saw this picture with the Ay Illuminate lamp (Z1 in bamboo and cotton) next to the bed…. I nearly took off the lamp in my kitchen to hang it in my bedroom. But reminding a chat I recently had with Karine I didn’t. Karine stayed at my place for the Meet the blogger event earlier this month and we did a photoshoot at my home… (here in Dutch)

So there was lots of moving with tables and things. When making pictures in my kitchen, we both agreed on how great my own lamp (the smaller version of this one, on the picture below) looks in my kitchen and how beautiful  the natural materials of it, the bamboo and cotton, blend with the crispy white walls and the concrete in my home.

So I am thinking on adding some more natural materials, as the round cushions, to my home as it really adds a soft element to it….. what do you think??? 

On the picture above – made by the very sweet and lovely Mark Eden Schooley 😉 who kindly let me use these pictures – two of my favorite items off all time… the Ghost sofa by my Italian design hero Paola Navone (note the Koushi lamp made by Mark Eden Schooley in her gorgeous Parisian apartment) and yet another lamp by Nelson Sepulveda (the smaller Z4) like the one in my kitchen.

These pictures are all made in the Italian home of a Dutch couple who asked The team of Ay Illuminate (Ay Lin Heinen, Neslon Sepulveda and Mark Eden Schooley) to add a touch of nature to their holiday home and of course they did a great job by bringing their own designed lamps, plaids and cushions. All made by local craftsmen in different countries around the world.

Bamboo lamp Urchin, designed by Mark Eden Schooley

All pictures copyright Mark Eden Schooley