A new lamp + a kitchen update {The masterplan}

Last autumn when my new kitchen was just the size it is now and before I was so lucky to win the VT Wonen competition and getting a new floor for my apartment. I was still painting black walls and playin around with  paper and tape to see how the Bamboo lamp from Ay Illuminate I love so much would look in the kitchen. It remained some time and I took it off when it was getting colder and I wanted to burn some candles on the kitchen table….

I kept thinking about it and though it would not really fit, because my apartment has really low ceilings. Even though I changed it into a cute city loft with bare concrete walls and all … I can’t change the height of the rooms. But then I discovered there is a smaller version and it would perfectly fit my apartment.

So today I am so glad to be able to show you my little kitchen update… after dreaming about it for a long time.. it finally is there…. in my kitchen above the table being all pretty and different from any other lamp I ever saw… I love the light bamboo and the thin hand woven cotton from Ethiopia. It is so simple and therefor I love it !

In case you are wondering It is the Z4/Cotton cover (65 cm high) by the Ay Illuminate design team, being, Ay Lin, Mark Eden Schooley en Nelson Sepulveda. You can find stores and/or request a digital catalogue  on the Site of Ay Illuminate