10 Corso Como {calling all hipsters}

Totally forgotten about the pictures from our 10 Corso Como adventure last April in Milan… So here they are. Not of the best quality as taking pictures in the store was forbidden, so they are all a  bit of a sneaky taken.

10 Corso Como is a multifunctional concept dedicated to art, fashion, music, design, cuisine and culture. Founded in 1990 in Milan by gallerist and publisher Carla Sozzani.
Anouk, me and a friend were totally in love with the Corso Como concept. When going through the old wooden doors at Corso Como 10 you enter a really nice courtyard with lots of green and terraces. And the entrance of the shop and the restaurant.  

First stop was the restaurant where we enjoyed a really wonderful lunch from the special Salone del Mobile card. Note the oil can in the typical Corso Como style… all designed by American artist Kris Ruhs who is responsible for the typical 10 Corso Como logo. I have bought a white bag with it that stands on top of my locker: see Painting a locker inspired by Milano and some posters with the logo. The bag where the bag went in was huge but is great to use as decoration: Dots and lamps 

I think you should always bring a visit to the toilet when visiting a special place like Corso Como…. It might sound really weird, but shops like these are just full of surprises in all corners.

 A sneak peek of the ground floor

Upstairs many  wonderful books and illustrations, when we were there there was an Alice Springs exhibition.

The next morning I went back to join the opening of the Krish Ruhs exhibition with an unexpected but delicious breakfast.