Maison & Objet – 2013 Inspirations with Arcade-Paris

2013 Inspirations…..
Spaces that showed the trends of the upcoming seasons, visualized with objects from selected designer.  titled Element(s), Minimum and Yes future!  

Element(s) by Francois Bernard

Living well is changing the parameters. Now is the time for a simple timelessness that is nevertheless rich in emotions and sensations. Geometrical, archetypal, molecular or abstract forms are referencing elements like water, earth, fire and air. Design is drawing inspiration from meteorology and climatology to invent new expressions of today’s atmosphere. Between lightness and weightiness, power and transparency, force and fluidity, a new generation of objects is inviting us to dream.
Text: Maison & Objet

Also glass work of several designers for Arcade was chosen… among the maxi pitcher designed by Stefano Gaggero *posing on the picture*

+ Minimum +

 by Elizabeth Leriche
Choosing the better by privileging “less” is the contemporary expression of an anti-bling-bling luxury that is turning its back on overload. Bare geometry, simple lines, transparent materials, lighter forms and gradations of colors are privileging high emotional wattage. Design is creating a minimalist art that plays the card of discretion and invites contemplation. Stylistic asceticism is freeing space from the weight of things and revealing the essence of Beauty in all its purity. 
Text: Maison & Objet

+ Arcade Paris +

Arcade-Paris being presented with several work in the 2013 Inspirations booth I thought I show some more of them in the same post. I already wrote about their collection after being in Milan in April where they showed their  Oversize & Co collection and for the Maison & Objet they brought even more.

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