Maison & Objet 2012 – An impression with Rick Owens

Rick Owens
I was blown away by the dark mood at the stand of Rick Owens at Maison & Objet. After all the organic shapes, the natural material and the beautiful fabrics and lines I just admired.  As much as I am attracted to white, naturals and grays in all kind of shades. I do like a good dose of black and I immediately fell in love with the work of RIck Owens!! 

The unexpected conversation I had with Michele (actually she was talking to me) was kinda of funny … she looked at me and before I could say a word she asked me if I understood how on earth ‘they’ could do this (pointing at our bright pink lanyards) to us. What else to say I agreed… as it looked a bit out of the box in their boot and on the lady herself… Loved the big table in the middle with the heavy bronze plates on it and the leather boxes a lot.

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The night before going to the fair we went out for dinner with my Italian friend Stefano and we made an appointment in front of MERCI As the shop was still open I went in for a quick look to see the new Brooklyn tins wallpaper NLXL designed for MERCI.

I happened to have a chat with Daniel Rozensztroch, Art Director of MERCI who was in the shop. And he showed me some pictures on his cell phone of the Marie Claire Maison Cafe he designed for Maison & Objet, where he used the Brooklin tin wallpaper in combination with a different one. So the next day the cafe was on our long list of things we wanted to see… 


Hall 1 said ‘Ethnic chic’ and at the entrance there were hanging some beautiful blankets and carpets in black and white. A man sat on the floor weaving in a traditional way… a booth from Desire Maurice Ouedraogo  Founder of SOS – Save our skills



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