Your Projects… snapshots from Vosgesparis readers

Hello there… how is your weekend going so far! My weekend started early at 7.15! as I got woken up by a Facebook message (always switch of your Facebook before going to bed!) by my friend Karine, who was working on the layout of her sites really early and choose me to have a conversation with!

Karine is one of those busy and creative people I was thinking about when I ask you to send in your latest projects! I think for the last half year she has been working together with her brother and photographer Francois Kong on the new website and winter catalogue for her online concept store.

I got a bunch of emails from people sending me pictures and links to their blogs, showing the latest projects and things they created this week. If you have something nice to show too … email me your links or pictures and I might do another round up soon! And please don’t be shy.. we are all unique and love our homes! 

+ + +

Lisanne van de Klift
mailed me some pictures of what she did with the postcards she ordered from By April and May and the little stars she made herself out of clay.. wish I had more time to make these kind of things.

+ + +

I often think about how the rooms of my children would have looked today, with all the knowledge about decorating and the enormous amount of information you find on the internet these days. That is why the little kidscorner in black and white,  
Suzanne made for her daughter Evie caught my eye. I was very pleased to find an email from her asking if this was the kind of project I was looking for.