Bodie + Fou + The Batgirl

Last June when my friend Karine was in Amsterdam we did a two day photo shoot for the new catalog in my home. In case you missed it, you can see some of it here: 
Styling from Amsterdam. As said in the up-following post about the Meet the Blogger weekend it took some time to finish. But now it is here and if you did not already asked for it, you can order your copy here or read the digital version online. I love to see back some of the shot from my home in the catalog.

Most of the pictures in the catalog are shot by Karine’s brother Fran
çois, who also shot the fun picture above. You can say that one of my favorite items from Bodie and Fou is the Batgirl poster and I personally love this shot 😉 Next to the stylish Bodie and Fou Collection you will also find lots of pictures from Karine’s gorgeous home in London in it….. Another reason to have a look at it! 

Pictures by François Kong. (last 2 via Milk Magazine)