November 7, 2012

Faded colors and black board walls

The thing I like most about black boards maybe, is the faded white effect it has after cleaning them...  I think a black board or if you think big .. a black board wall! [Like these amazing ones] is a very easy way to make your home look more lively.

A really nice and personal quote or note is doing the trick as well but that unpolished effect after fading away the words is a big part of the charm for me.  

Pictures: 1.+2. Still Inspiration 3. Unknown source 4. Holmburg 5. Tenka Gammelgaard


Martina said...

So cool, I hope one day I will have a board like this! x

Annelies said...

Zóóóóó Gaaf!! I like it!!

Tricia Rose said...

You are meant to 'season' a board before writing on it by rubbing chalk all over it: I love the swirly, cloudy effect - in fact my chalkboard still sports only one single word (written by my daughter) - 'chalk'.

nannette said...

Ja, welke 'verfboer' maakt zo'n mooi vervaagd zwart na. De mooiste muren creëer je er mee. Mooie foto's.

Nelleke said...

Ben gek op krijtborden!!! In huize Langius staan ze op elke verdieping :)

Elv's said...

ze blijven tijdloos geweldig... gek van krijtborden... en deze zijn wel heel mooi!

Elements said...

I have just found your blog and I am loving everything about it. Thanks for some awesome images and posts. I your newest follower.

Els said...

Ook ik ben gek van schoolbordverf! Onze deur in de keuken verveelt nog steeds niet...

Fijne dag
Groetjes Els

Anonymous said...

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