Love Warriors |boho chic|

I was soooooo in love immediately when I saw these pictures. The prints, the colors … I posted before about the work of Hannah Lemholt, you might remember the beautiful pictures from Paris: Paris through the eyes of a photographer.

These are all made by Hannah again in the home of  -and styled by  marie olsson Nylander. It all breaths such an amazing atmosphere. I love all the prints, the wood, the linen and lamp made by the Lovely Mark Eden Schooley.

I get so much inspiration from these pictures I feel like giving my home a change for spring! Prints, shell art and much more stylish objects are now available at Love warriors.  

fine art photography prints by hannah lemholt for love warriors. styling by marie olsson nylander |MO Pictures © hannah lemholt / love warriors Thanks Hannah for sending me the pictures X