February 18, 2013

Win a voucher code of 50€ from Le Repère des Belettes | GIVEAWAY

Today we have a bit of a different giveaway for you, because this week you get the chance to choose your own price! French online boutique, Le Repère des Belettes offers a selection of products, from beautiful linens, ceramic, wall decals, to light and unique vintage pieces.

I made a small selection of products I like myself but I'd say have look at the shop here and let us know what you would love most. It could be the star, the awesome lights or some smaller different products for your table... it is up to you!

Le Repère des Belettes 
is giving away a voucher code of 50€ The winner can spend it how he wants!  

How do you join:
* Like Le Repère des Belettes on facebook
* Leave a comment in this post and let us know what you would love to have most from Le Repère des Belettes

Le Repère des Belettes, De Franse online boutique geeft voor deze giveaway een voucher twv 50€ weg die je mag uitgeven naar keuze!  

Om kans te maken: 
* Like je Le Repère des Belettes op facebook en laat je een commentaar achter onder deze post! 

Congratulations to EmmaB for winning  the 50€ voucher


Lisanne van de Klift said...

Wat een fijne give away! Ik doe graag mee en zou voor de Barn Star XL noir gaan. Wat een mooie webwinkel!

Groetjes Lisanne

flavia said...

Hi!!! I love it that shop!
I like:
1. Housse de couette en line
2. Coussin en lin whit star
3. Panier Boule

I hope to win it and thank u very much, as always for this giveaway!

basic goods said...

It is very difficult to choose!
I like so many things.
The guirlande with al the lightbulbs is so simple and beautiful for the garden this summer.

Good luck everyone!
Marleen (basic goods)

Mayflower said...

Wat een mooie webshop.
Ik doe ook graag mee en zou voor de Barn Star Noir gaan.

Fijne week.
Lieve groet, Mea

MediterraneanX said...

I also love the guirlande with lights - so so beautiful!

Albertine Grolmusova said...

I love all, products are beautiful but especially I love Housse de couette en lin lave craie and Guirlande Lumineuse :)

Ann Martin said...

Helemaal weg van het vele en mooie witte porselein, de potten in stervorm krijgen van mij vijf sterren:)!

naveed qumer said...

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Michaela James said...

Lovely website! I love the Linge Particulier pillowcases in anthracite, would be thrilled to win this!

Justine said...

Thank you for this give away !

Here are my favorite items :

-Guirlande lumineuse
-Grande caisse industrielle
-Sac XXL en lin épais ( in taupe )

Any of them would make me very happy for my new appartment ! :)

Elena Gardin said...

The selection is very interesting and quite different from the common trend: refreshing, definetely.
The porcelain objects selection is simply a treat as well as the vintage section: I like the lightness and round shape of the "calabasse" that looks so fragile but so poetic!
Another favourite item of mine is the Guirlande Lumineuse "Guinguette": the industrial allure is very appealing.

Good work!

Elena / http://facingnorthwithgracia.blogspot.com

NellTB said...

Wat mooi! De stoere ' hanglamp' vind ik erg bijzonder!

elp said...

I love the Guirlande Lumineuse "Guinguette" <3
or the "Etoile Métal"

Anonymous said...

Il love the Sticker "bureau" and the cushion with the pink star..This society is french and I´m french and i ´m happy to know now this society!!
Have a godd day,
Valerie from Hessen in Germany


It's a very nice website, and especially lamp béton caught my eyes! it's a very interesting combination, and I definitely would like to see it in real! :)
by the way, thanks for updating so many interesting posts day by day!
greetings from Berlin

EmmaB said...

J'aime beaucoup le linge en lin et la guirlande lumineuse pour les fêtes au jardin!

Aurélie said...

J'adore la guirlande et le petit panier en fil de fer....Merci pour ce toujours si joli blog !

L A U said...

Well I love most of their range... But this black bulbs garland is really my dream at the moment... It would suit so well on my terrace !!
Thanks Desiree and Le Repere des Belettes... Awesome team ;)

Indruk said...

O.o.o. prachtig allemaal. Ik vind de barn star zoooooo mooi! Groet, Pascale

STUDIO 8940 - said...

I would choose :

Love the natural look of it!

galette said...

i like guirlande lumineuse
housse de couette and every small white objet!!!

Hannie said...

Ik doe graag mee,wat een mooie spullen,de . gekleurde sterren vind ik erg mooi maar ook de witte vaasjes zijn super en de kussens met ster zijn prachtig.
groetjes Hannie

Krishka studio said...

wow, what a great giveaway.
I agree with everyone, it's really hard to choose, they have wonderful stuff there.
I must say that I prefer lamps the most. Those suspension beton lamps are fantastic. And Veilleuse en fine porcelain and panton pots, the best!!

Sophie V said...

Wonderful website et great blog 'Vosges Paris' :)

sonia said...

greetings from Athens,i love the Lampe Beton et porcelaine. it would be a perfect piece in my living room. Thank you so much

Anya Jensen said...

What an amazing Giveaway - the shop is absolutely fantastic, difficult to choose, but I adore the ETOILE LUMINEUSE - so fingers xxx
Happy Monday,

Ness Lockyer said...

Loving the porcelain coffee cups and the divine washed linen.
What an amazing store!
Ness xx

virginie said...

Bonjour! Je "like" déjà le repère es belettes sur facebook mais par contre je serai ravie de gagner un sticker "lampe" de chez Bord de scène! merci

Milena said...

i love the GUIRLANDE LUMINEUSE... how nice they have it in this wonderful shop!

all the best from hamburg*

asteride said...

I would probably spend everythin in linens. They are beautiful and crisp.

Patrizia said...

Ah, it's the stars, the stars...either the lumineuse one or - and I go for this one now: the étoile métal vide. It would perfectly complete my bedroom <3

Valerie said...

Facebook: Valerie Theberge
I would choose: http://www.lereperedesbelettes.com/fr/art-de-la-table/106-106-tasse-expresso-effet-carton-ondule.html


Lilith said...

Hello, many compliments to Repere des Belettes; if is possible, I would like to receive one between the Pantone pots, my preferred product...kindly regards from Rome!


Anonymous said...

Wish my french was better. I love the lights. It would fit perfect in my home. So keeping my fingers crossed. Your blog is lovely though. Gives me lots of inspiration.

gé said...

gniii love this shop!!
I would pick la guirlande guinguette, I'm dreaming of one for so long :-)

Thanks for the giveaway, and for all the inspiration!! great blog, amazing home!

Anonymous said...


Page likée.
j'aime particulièrement :
- Panier boule
- Guirlande Lumineuse "Guinguette"

Priscilla R.

Wenneke said...

J'aime j'aime: het beton-porselein lampje. Maar alle verlichting is prachtig!

ne-knopka said...

Lovely shop!
i like
-PANIER BOULE http://www.lereperedesbelettes.com/fr/nouvellecollection/411-panier-boule.html
liked on fb



kata said...

I like pot a lait/carafe. I hope that i win.

kata said...

I like pot a lait/carafe. I hope that i win.

kata said...

I like pot a lait/carafe. I hope that i win.

kata said...

I like pot a lait/carafe. I hope I win.

Rafa-kids said...

What a beautiful shop! It is very difficult to choose!
I think I will finally get my self the linen scarf, ( CHEICH EN LIN ) or the metal beautiful basket (PANIÈRE EN MÉTAL ). Ceramics looks beautiful too.
Thank you so much.

Elena said...

I love the GUIRLANDE LUMINEUSE "GUINGUETTE" ,they have really great sellection of beautiful products.


kiki said...

I just found my way to your inspiring blog and
are welcome by such a great giveaway!!! I love the Pantone mugs and almost all of the vases!!!
Of course the star would look great in my new workspace I`m just planning!

Delphine said...

I loved yet Le Repère des Bellettes on Facebook, of course !!
I often turn on shopping on the website, and my lovely thing of the moment is Le nichoir en porcelainehttp://www.lereperedesbelettes.com/fr/nouvellecollection/422-nichoir-en-porcelaine.html

So poetic !!

Bonne chance

Delphine (cameron91130@hotmail.com)

mikstejp said...

What a wonderful giveaway + im happy you introduced me to "Le Repere des Belettes" cuz I didnt know it before and I actually love it!
Oh, they have beautiful things, but if I`d had to choose, "Les 3 vases margote" stole my heart + "Panier en osier xlpanier en osier xl" would be nice too! :D
+ there is a lot more on my wishlist! :)
xo, Maja

Marit Odolphi said...

Wat een geweldige give away, zoveel mooie spullen in de shop. Als ik de €50,- zou winnen wordt t nog moeilijk om uit zoveel moois iets te kiezen...

Margreet de Vries said...

Ik doe graag mee. Wat een gave winkel is het toch! Ik zou gaan voor de Barn Star XL noir! Die staat hoog op mijn wenslijst namelijk!

Antine Treffers said...

Wauw wat een mooie shop en leuke give away. Zoveel moois dus zo moeilijk kiezen. Ik vind toch wel de linnen kussen met neon roze ster erg mooi!

Groetjes Antine

Mrs. Monday said...

Really nice give-away!
I visited the webshop, they have so many beautyful things, but I think my favourite is this lamp:


(Also following on FB)

Mrs. Monday

inaina said...

and here's my choice... then I stoppend searching, it's just soooo beautiful in their shop: Bol & saladier plissés en porcelaine mate and the Pot étoilé and the Boite à Oeuf en céramique and the Panier boule
I'd be very happy to win!

Freubeline said...


Ik heb al hele mooie kussens gezien! Ik waag graag een kansje!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shop and I love those lights :-)) Sampage@outlook.com x