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Countertop  Silestone natural quartz in “Unsui” with Suede finish

Silestone by Consentino is one of the next Modenus BlogTour NYC sponsors I would like to introduce to you. Not only are they sponsering BlogTour |read about our Media breakfast here| they also have chosen a blogger to be one of the five faces in the new Silestone campagne for 2013! How cool is that!

Macarena Gea is one of Spain’s most influential bloggers on fashion and architecture. One of the ads features her in a workplace that mixes cool and vintage elements and where Silestone’s® Unsui colored elegant countertop with Suede finish is perfectly integrated thanks to its top quality design and versatility. And even incorporates a Silestone Integrity® DEUX kitchen sink.

Being a blogger myself, I thought lets ask Macarena about her experience on being selected and shooting the Silestone campaign!! 

Silestone choose you as their face of the 2013 campaign, how did they get in touch with you and why do you think they asked you?
When Silestone called me I even didn’t believe this could be true. It’s one of the most famous Spanish companies and I have lived (and worked) among Silestone pieces for many many years. So it was a big surprise and a huge honor they chose me as their 2013 campaign face. 
Can you tell us something more about your blog, do you blog full time?
I am a Spanish architect & interior designer and I blog on since 2007 It is where I share with my readers a daily dose of inspiration about things I love the most: fashion, deco, weddings… 

I am not a full time blogger since “in my real life” I also work as architect and wedding planner but blogging is another of my huge passions and I think it would be really hard living without it.

What do you think of Silestone products and do you, or would you, use them in your own home?
I am a big Silestone fan and i’m used to introduce their products in my projects but also in my own home. I like its huge range of colours and textures also as its usefulness & hygiene.

The loft in the ad campaign is not my own home since the shooting was due to take place in Barcelona and I live in Valencia. Nevertheless, the art directors based the set in my own personal style in order to transmit in the most real way my day to day life. I think that the result was just perfect. When I first saw the whole set I said: “It definitely looks like my own house!”

How did the photoshoot go, was it your first photoshoot?
As fashion & lifestyle blogger, I am quite used to photoshoots but I had never worked before in such a big campaign like this one for Silestone and it was a big responsibility for me. At the beginning I was a little bit nervous but all the Silestone team was so so kind and professional and they made everything so easy. I really enjoyed the experience!

What is your favorite product from Silestone / did you get a tour through the company showroom?
Due to my job, I already knew Silestone products but thanks to this collaboration I had the chance to know much more about the brand. I’ve always liked the classic Silestone polished quartz surfaces but, lately, I am in love with the “suede” collection and its soft and natural touch. It’s cool to have plenty of possibilities in order to choose the ones that really fit in each project. It’s the best way to see how the ideas in my mind become true.

Thanks so much Macarena!  Visit Macarena’s blog at 

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