April 30, 2013

Beckmans Akademi | Styling classes

Friend an fellow blogger Anna from La maison d'Anna G followed some styling classes 
at Beckmans Akademi by Lotta Agaton this last month and posted some of her styling work on her blog that I love to share!

I am a big fan of the styling work of Lotta Agaton for years and was really pleased to finely meet her earlier this year: Meet the blogger Stockholm #1 |Lotta Agaton|  I would love to follow some classes but unfortunately the Akademi is in Sweden and secondly the classes are in Swedish. You might have seen some of the work from earlier students in this last years post, if not have a look, it is beautiful: Interior Styling master class

One of the assignments in the styling class was to create a picture for Therese Sennerholts new postcards that will be released May 1st. The picture above was chosen to be the official pictures for the new postcards.

pictures 1+2 Styling and photography Anna Gustafsson 3:Styling Anna Gustafsson Photo by 
Kristofer Johnsson 4:styling Anniqa Nelander + Jenny Hjalmarson Boldsen photo Kristofer Johnsson


Gosto design lifestyle said...


Iris Havekes C-More said...

Very beatifull !!

Albertine Grolmusova said...

absolutely beautiful :) I like styling work of Lotta Agaton too....:)

Lotta Agaton said...

Thank you Desiree!!! We have so much fun at my classes and I am so impressed by my students..and who knows maybe one day I will have a class in english, if so, you will be the first to know! ♥

Flisan said...

agreed indeed! very very beatiful :-)
Loving it, thanks for sharing :-)

Marloes Schut said...

On top of my wishlist :) Just beautiful!

Katrin said...

Thanks for sharing? The first picture is ma favourite, but all of them are full of inspiration.