Another Blogger challenge | Montana | Copenhagen

Montana has a beautiful showroom with concrete floors and an amazing view over the water. Although I am more into softer colours I really loved the cupboards in the many different colours and the Tivoli chairs that reminded me of my holidays in Italy. 

Chairs in beautiful whites and greys, I loved the mini sized Tivoli ones! And what do you think of this storage system in overall white?! There are speakers integrated in this storage which I think is really cool , because speakers are not something I like to have in sight all the time. At home I listen music through my telelevison because I can’t be bothered to put the ugly speakerset back on…

After a nice chat with Joakim Lassen who took us trough the world of Montana and their latest design. He had a little challenge for us and asked us, referring to the ‘The Bachelor’ chair: “Who is Mr. Bachelor?” Emma (Emma’s Designblogg) and me wrote a fictive story about ‘our’ bachelor and made a little styled corner with the chair inside the shop that represented our story. 

We chose the dark grey chair. And our bachelor to be a street photographer who likes to chill at home with a nice glass of wine before heading te streets again at night, to party with his hipster friends, ohh and of course he has a girlfriend who is a model! You know the general cool guy ;P We ended our visit with a nice glass of wine in te sun… Blogger life can be good 😉

Bachelor chairs