The stables project | A converted horse stable

When I was a kid I used to ride horses every week…. I still remember going to the stables and how I loved to be there and feed and comb the horses. I was pretty small by then and my parents thought it would be great to just ride in the woods instead of going to a posh manege. And I really loved being able to sit on a tall horse right away, while my friends were riding on ponys! 

There was a little cord on the headset of ‘my’ horse, held by my teacher and I was taught to just look at him and do the same. It was all so natural and simple… I had my rainboots on and felt so free…

I had to think of this when I came across  a project called ‘The Stables’ located in Winchester, England. It is a private home made out of what was formerly a stable for racing horses. Ain’t it lovely with the white walls and the old parts. How do you like it? 

designed by AR Design Studio – Pictures via Home dsgn