Candy Black Studio | Boutique Design Agency

How do you like this Studio? Home of Candy Black Design Agency! A small boutique agency based on the shores of Poole on the UK’s south coast. They transformed an old bakery into a creative space that echoes the culture and stylistic qualities of the studio. I love the monochrome colors and the (I think original) tiles…  You can see lots of their work at their website: Candy Black I also downloaded a little video from 2011 of their website which they made to promote the studio… I love the fact they used the music of my favorite San Francisco band in it (although it was not my favorite album:P) BRMC!

About Candy Black: 
A young and ambitious studio, Candy Black was formed in 2010 and we have moved from strength to strength to work for clients both locally, nationally and internationally on a range of scales. We love to attract forward thinking clients and tastemakers to produce design outcomes and collaborations that amplify existing brands and ensure that new start-ups are strategically thought out and break the moulds of their given sector.  
Pictures by Candy Black – Thanks for letting me use them!