June 27, 2013

INSPIRE | new neon letters

After a few busy weekends I finally had some time to hang my new neon letters to the wall this last Saturday. It seems like ages ago I bought them from my sponsor Heel Wit and I couldn't really decide where to hang them. I first wanted to put them up in the living, but I love to change things around including the lamps very often and decided to hang them in the hallway. 

My hall is pretty large and at one point even bigger, you can easily add a table or some cupboards there. It is the place where I keep a part of my magazines and books on the floor. I have plans for ages with this little wall and when I have the time to go to IKEA I will buy some cabinets to add to the wall and use them to display books and magazines. 
For he moment I added one of my tables and because I am not sure yet how many space the cabinets wil take up. I conected the letters onto a piece of MDF that I painted white. Adding them to the wall afterwards was really easy.
When I have finished the rest of the wall I will add them directly to the wall.... I love the look of the black electricity wire against the white. But I think they woud really look great on a black wall as well! What do you think? And more important. what do you think of the word I choose in Neon? 

Picures © Vosgesparis


Albertine Grolmusova said...

Hi Desiree, these images are absolutely perfect and cool :), I love them!....it is a good idea about black electricity wire :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Desiree,

Like your new wall.
I want to do the same at my home with the black/white collage, but how dow you install it on the wall? paste? are the copy's self made or out of a magazine. Can you please give me some advise in which magazines such amazing b/w pictures are to find??

Thanks for your advise ;)


Ilaria Chiaratti Bonomi said...

Wow, looks great!!
Scelta perfetta ;-)

Homemadepicturemania Sao Nonac said...

It look great to mee if you use black letters! Good idea from you for to clean up the fashionmagazines and books! ;-) Great a big hall....

Elena Gardin said...

Stunning. Love the combination of the neon letters and the moodboard you created. I cannot choose the word I want and yours is so... inspiring! ;)


Nermina said...

Het ziet er heel mooi uit Desiree...ik vind die twee grijze lampjes ook super mooi! Hoe kom je toch aan die mooi foto's?

Groetjes Nermina

caroline @trend-daily said...

You are just so talented Desiree-wonderful :-)

Santina said...

so what does it look like in the dark with just these letter illuminated?!

Nathalie said...

Heel gaaf dat ze eindelijk hangen. Ik hou meer van deze zwartwit combi denk ik dan dat je de achtergrond zwart maakt. Geweldig woord natuurlijk!