A monochrome Dream home | Styling work of Lotta Agaton

If I couldn’t live in Holland then please let me travel to some Scandinavian country… I am totally in love with the Scandinavian and monochrome style of Interior decorating. All colors in this beautiful home, styled by one of my favorite stylists, Lotta Agaton, are represented in my own home as well. I might use some more grey maybe, but then if I think about it, grey is only present in my floor (and a small table).

Looking at this pictures make me wanna go back to my black and white picture wall instead of this straight away! I really am a black and whithe lover and even realized this morning I even miss it at my own blog sometimes (guess no one noticed I deleted my latest post as I couldn’t stand all the color *grin*) . If I write to many blogs in color… I get this feeling of missing the black and white flow on my blog (yes you may call me weird, but I am sure some of my Scandinavian friends will know what I mean) DO you love this home as much as I do?

Pictures-Pia Ulin