July 5, 2013

DIY for your home | A simple 3D moodboard fo your wall.

Some weeks ago I printed out lots of pictures fom my Pinterest albums for a new inspiration wall to go with my Neon letters. I showed them the other day :Inspire | new neon letters. I was planning a new wall for ages. But due a lack of time, lots of work and travelling, I never got to hang them on my wall. Despite my love for travelling and the great opportunities and blogger fun I got and am very greatfull for. I also loved to finally get back to some playing aroud the home.

I just love to make all kind of different moodboards and 
I would love to see yours, so sent me your pictures! I'll make a long post with them and include yours. Just like I did when you sent me your blackboard walls and we had a blackboard weekend:blackboard weekend Are you up for a challenge??

Today I love to show you this moodboard and simple DIY idea by Marij of the
My Attic blog. Ain't is beautiful! Happy weekend! 

For her bedroom wall she made this moodboard and instead of just adding the pictures to the wall, se used a couple of MDF panels and painted them in black before glueing some of the prints on them. I love the 3D effect she created this way. Pretty nice and really easy, but with a great impact don't you think? 

Pictures via My attic


Gerard @WalnutGrey said...

Beautiful indeed. Quite striking & peaceful at the same time. Love the concept.

caroline @trend-daily said...

Lovely Desiree-and what a great idea! I have just re-done one of my moodboard walls, so I will photograph it this weekend for you to see! :-)

A-Smile-Style said...

Love it! Very Beautiful

Ria Bartel said...

Dear Desiree,
just send you an email with images. Nice idea. I´ll link to this post to encourage my readers to take part!
Happy Weekend, Ria

Hrisi Fidanova said...

What a wonderful idea. Will join me in this inspiration!

Jeane M. said...

Pretty for words! Love this new found inspiration in your blog. Got my eye on your next posts.

Karin said...

Ik gooide hem vandaag op mijn blog, dus als je wilt mag je hem eraf plukken ;-) Bij het zien van deze foto's loopt het water me in de mond, wat een prachtig idee!

(Ik vraag me nog steeds af hoe jij het voor elkaar krijgt dat de foto's op je blog zo groot zijn, het is me tot op heden nog niet gelukt)

Galeria Rocco said...

Great idea!
I did a post on my blog
a while ago about a mood board I made from an old sofa back frame...good for those changing moods...lol! I would be happy if you use any of the pictures for your post! Please check it out.
I couldn't find email address on your page to send you the pics, sorry!
Galeria Rocco

Martine vianen said...

Heel gaaf van Marije! Prachtig op dat Mdf. Vond dat van jouw ook al zo mooi! Heb je een goeie printer thuis of laat je de beelden printen?
Mooie inspirerende beelden.

Wondelgijn said...

Leuk zo in 3D!!