July 12, 2013

Easy decorating for your home | with clothesracks

The other day when I was emptying my camera cards I came across some pictures of my home that I made when I changed moodboards behind my clothing rack. I showed a small kind of -one after one- picture movie with them that went way to fast to actually have a look at the pictures. See it here: A little'movie' | changing moodboards 

Being in a bit slow kind of mood after a few days of summer and working on some deadlines today I thought of showing some of the actual pictures this morning. Hope you get inspired to maybe change a little corner next to your bed or making a new collage of pictures somewhere in your home. 

And this is how it looked before.. a bit softer a bit more French maybe. I still love the look of it as it reminds me of an amazing few inspiring days in Paris with my friend Anouk. It was there where I got inspired to design and let make my own clothes rack and add a collage of pictures made in Paris on the wall behind it. Here is the original story: Coat rack project | inspired by Paris Strange to see it back for me as well, my floor was still white there and so much clutter around it!  


Albertine Grolmusova said...

Hello Desiree, I love this clothing rack and your images ? These images are lovely and good idea as always . :)
Happy weekend!

Martine vianen said...

Mooie post en dat kledingrek is toch zo mooi!

Anonymous said...

J'adore le sac ! sais-tu d'où il vient ? ;) très chouette déco. Christelle

vosges paris said...

@christelle Merci:) Le sac est du Ali Lamu Tu les trouves icI http://www.destrandhanddoek.nl/product-pagina/ali-lamu-bags/

Nannette said...

Yep, definitely got inspired!
My teenage daughter is asking for a clothes rack and so with your fantastic photos to inspire us, I'm sure we can create a great look. Thanx!

Ria Bartel said...

Dear Desiree,
would you be so kind to give me a tip about the picture with the Citroen DS behind the bag with the star?! Some years ago we drive a DS and the pic would be a nice present for my husband! Thanks, Ria

koko said...

Gorgeous simple racks! I created some by using plumbing pipe - its really industrial looking but kinda heavy. great post
SInger Songwriter

vosges paris said...

@ria bartel I bought the poster 7 years ago in an ordinary postershop, I'd suggest you search on poster.com with a keyword , sorry I could not help you any better :)

Regards et Maisons by Nathalie said...

toujours beau chez toi !

Jennifer - Love and Respect said...

Lovely pictures from your home. Where did you find the "Never mind the bollocks" print? I would love to own one :D