September 20, 2013

Trends | DIY with copper and wood | Candlesticks + coatracks

Another DIY project found on Weekday carnival. This coatrack in copper and wood is really simple to make and with its clean lines it adds a wonderfull scandinavian touch to your home. You can find all instructions here: DIY coatrack

Jorge de la Cruz and Veranza Gonzenbach created a modular candle holder called 'Candelabro' that was presented earlier this year at Salone Satellite in Milan. 

The candlestick of Jorge and Veranza was also the inspiration for Helena to create a candlestick herself, shown at Skone Hem. Taking inspiration from the Kubus candleholder, designed by Lassen, she made this candlestick of which you can find all instructions here at Skone Hem

pictures 1|2|3|4|5 with thanks!


Stephanie Koster said...

Echt geweldig mooi! helemaal mijn smaak. Heb de kandelaar op Instagram ook voorbij zien komen helemaal van koper. Meteen opgeslagen. Leuk projectje voor het weekend.
Gr. Stephanie

Anya Jensen said...

OMG I LOVE it ;-) Happy weekend love,

Kiki Freese said...

What a lovely idea.
Cooper is such beautiful material.